www.awang-darmawan.blogspot.co.id is a blog built by Awang Darmawan, S.Pd. A Bachelor in the field of English Education and working as an English Instructor at various institutions, schools and universities and has many experience in Teaching English for foreign learners and Language research.

This blog type is an educational blog

- Learn and Share

Vision Blog:
- Educate human life through education

Mission Blog :
- Provides English lesson material
- As a place to share knowledge, especially English.
- Share Indonesian Culture to the world
- Promote Indonesian Tourism to the world

Aim :
- Learning facilities for all students
- Sharing information
- Reference source

Future goal:
- This blog is expected to be a learning media for everyone
- This blog is expected to be a campaign tool for positive internet usage
- This blog is expected to be a support for the creation of a world of peace and prosperity

Further information :
Awang Darmawan, S.Pd.
Contact Person: 0852 8745 7557
E-Mail: Awangdarmawan19@gmail.com

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