The testimony of the Indonesian forest police met directly primitive man

The Forest Police (Polhut) Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) caught dozens of dwarf humans while patrolling the forest area.

The dwarf man who had been spotted, according to police officers, with dreadlocks, holding a wooden spear, his height was no more than 50 cm, and did not wear the slightest covering. "The length of his hair is up to his hips," said Public Relations of TNWK Sukatmoko in his office yesterday (22/3), as reported by the page.

According to Sukatmoko, the existence of the dwarf was known to police officers who were patrolling the forest last Sunday (17-3), before sunset.

At that time a group of liliput totaling about 15 people were walking down the swamp. The Forestry Group's entourage monitored their whereabouts for about 5 minutes at a visibility of around 35 meters.

When the officer was about to approach, the dwarfs immediately slipped behind a dense tree and immediately disappeared. "Little people run amazingly fast and jump far," said Sukatmoko.

Officers also could not confirm what was being done by the group of rare humans because the distance was quite far. "What is clear, of the dozens of people, one of them was holding her baby," said Sukatmoko.

Last Wednesday (20/3), he continued, TNWK Polhut members who were on patrol returned to see their presence in the same place, but from a further distance and shorter time.

Mount the Camera

Sukatmoko could not confirm whether the dwarf actually lived in the TNWK forest or migrants from other islands. To record their whereabouts, the TNWK Balai is now sending a number of electronic and camera equipment using infrared lights.

"With these tools, if the dwarf people come out at night, they will still be recorded. We try to find out the dwarf's association through a hidden camera," he said.

According to Sukatmoko, if a picture was captured and it was proven that there was a dwarf village, he immediately informed the Minister of Forestry, even to the President, to ask for instructions on what steps to take.

"If it has been found, we also hope that the government can protect this rare human association. Our members have known it directly, but cannot capture it with a camera because at that time there was no camera preparation," Sukatmoko said.

The story of dwarf humans has been known in a number of forests in Indonesia, including in the Kerinci Seblat region, West Sumatra; Liang Bua on Flores; and in Bone, South Sulawesi. In Kerinci, they are known as short people, in Flores as Homo floresiensi, while in Bone they are known as the Oni Tribe. On Mount Kerinci, the creature is described as having inverted feet, the soles of the feet facing backwards, but can move swiftly between dense forests.

Although many have claimed to have seen it, no one has been able to capture it with a camera due to the very short meeting time or lack of a camera.

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