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Monday, March 5, 2018

Opened Question

Oleh : Awang Darmawan, S.Pd

Opened Question Atau Pertanyaan Adalah Pertanyaan yang membutuhkan Jawaban yang luas dan terbuka. Open Question menanyakan Informasi Spesifik, Alasan, Tempat, Waktu, Cara,  Siapa, Pilihan, Jumlah dan Cara.
Opened Question Menggunakan Question Word atau kata tanya. Question Word atau kata tanya berfungsi untuk membentuk kalimat Introgatif terbuka atau Karena Question Word adalah Opened Question maka Jawaban dari Question Word adalah jawaban yang bersifat terbuka.
Question Word memiliki 9 sembilan bentuk yang memiliki arti dan kegunaan yang berbeda beda. Question word juga disebut WH Question atau 8 W 1 H yaitu:
What, Who,Which, When, Where,  Why, Whose, Whom dan How.
Contoh :
1. What               Apa
- What do you study?
- I Study English
- What are you doing ?
- I am Watching Tv
2. Where                Dimana
- Where do you study English
- I Study English At English Course
- Where is she Now?
- She is in Her Room
3. When                 Kapan
- When do you Study English?
- I Study english Every Afternoon
- When are they being serious?
- They are being serious when They get Examination
4.Why                    Mengapa
- Why Do you Study English?
- Because I want Study Abroad
- Why Are they excited ?
Because It's Location is Colourfull
5. Who                  Siapa
- Who does teach you English
- Mr. Andi teaches Me English
- Who is our Math Teacher?
- Mrs. Indah is Our Math Teacher
6. Whom               Kepada Siapa
- Whom do you meet to ?
I meet my director
- For Whom Do You  send package ?
I send this Package for My Friends
8. Whose              Milik Siapa
- Whose Car Do you Drive ?
- It is my Car
- Whose Book is this ?
- This book is Andi's Book
9. Which                Yang Mana
- Which Shoes Do You Wear?
- I wear the red shoes
- Which Bag is Your Bag?
White bag is my bag
10. How                   Bagaimana/Berapa
- How Do you get here ?
I get here by Bus
- How many book do you read?
I Reads Seven Books

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