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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Three Amazing Animals You can Only Find Indonesia

Oleh : Awang Darmawan, S.Pd

Indonesia is a country that lies between two continents, namely asia and australia. Location of the Indonesian archipelago is a place of distribution of species or species of animals in the world of wallace lines. the wallace line separates the species of Asian animals and the Species of Austrisial Animals. this is why Indonesia has many animal species.
There are some countries that have their own animal species and are not found in other regions of the world. For example Panda Only found in Mainland China, Kangaroos can only be found on the Continent of Australia and Koalas can only be found in New Zealand.

Indonesia also has animal Species which only exist in the Territory of Indonesia and is not found in any continent or earth region.

following Animals that exist only in Indonesia:

1. Komodo dragons
Komodo is the largest species of lizards that exist in the World. Komodo only found in Komodo Island Province of East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The world community calls it Dragon or Dragon. Komodo has a body length of up to three meters with a weight of 80 Kg. Komodo is a carnivorous animal that has a saliva weapon that has poisonous bacteria can cause its prey to die poisoning. this animal is found only on an island which is now the world's conservation and cultural heritage park established by the United Nations.

2. Orang Utan
Orang Utan is an Indonesian edemic animal that exists only in Indonesia. The word Orang Utan Means Human Forest. Characteristic feature of this animal is a large ape furry reddish brown. Orang Utan has a height of about 50 cm and has a weight of 40 kg. They are able to walk upright but they prefer to live in trees. These animals live in the forests of Indonesia precisely the forests of Sumatra and Kalimantan Forest.

3. Burung Cendrawasih
This Bird can only be found in the eastern part of Indonesia precisely in the Region of Papua Island. This bird is in English called Paradise Bird or Birds of Paradise because this bird has beautiful and colorful feathers. Cenderawasih birds ranging from Cenderawasih king on 70 grams and 20 cm to Cenderawasih Black-crescent at 150 cm and Cendrawasih manukod crest-rolled at 500 grams. This bird is a protected animal and is expensive.

Let's visit Indonesia to enjoy the diversity of culture and natural beauty.

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